Slough of Despond 4: Widgets

What I put into my blog are the widgets which can help audience to find something easily. Like tags  and social media.

Widget 1, I put a series of social media that people can contact with me easily. You can email me or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram even Sina blog.

Widget 2, I put a google map into my widget that you can find my school’s location.

Widget 3, a calendar can be found in my widget. I put the plans into my calendar as well that you can see the deadline or some activities clearly which may help you to manage your time.

Widget4 sidebar, Many photos in my social media can be seen directly in my sidebar. The auto-sync can let you know what’s happen to me. All the footprints that I leave can be revealed in my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.07.12 pm copy


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