Prompt – Reflect and Write

I have already read those articles about writing reflectively and learned some notions which are new to me. The most interesting thing I find is that every time we review the paper, we can get some new points which make the paper more profound. Every time we review the paper, we can improve the paper by fixing some mistakes. We usually write articles with some superficial thinking, however, writing reflectively means we have to think deeply afterwards. This process can actually improve our writing skills in some way. Also, by comparing with others’ articles, we can get some unexpected points which can make the paper more logic, as the 3 examples that the article have given to us.  I am pretty interested in some subject matters for reflective writing because there is a point saying your non-work activity is related to your reflective writing. Initially, I am confused how non-work activity can influence your academic writing. However, it is true because it is the process of reflection. Every detail in daily life will remind you of some good ideas. To conclude, writing reflectively is a really good process which can improve ourselves not only for writing but also for rethinking the process. I am really looking forward to write a deep reflection paper in the future.

(230 words)


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