Prompt – Readings: Actor and Director & Sound Design

I have already read the academic article about actors and directors. It is really a fun paragraph that many new things are springing to my mind. Before reading this article, I always think actors are not related to directors at all. The directors just shoot the script and the actors just perform. There is no relationship between them. However, this article proves that my idea is totally wrong. I had tried the role of director in our practice group and I found that the directors have to read the script carefully because the directors should take every scene, every moment and every action that will be performed by actors into account. The director have to supervise the actors and direct the actions for the actors in the production of a show. On the other way, the actors personally can give some suggestions to directors when they are performing because actors can personally experience the show instead of thinking actions in mind. The actors who show themselves on the screen have to make sure they can bring the audience a clear understanding of some reactions or some emotions. Some little acts can give an actor higher or lower grade. For example, my favorite movie star, Johnny Depp, always does some small but handsome actions which make him more fascinating. I learned something in yesterday shooting practice, Aaron (the actor) did a good job because he can catch the core of the role (Lenny) and he played it well. In the beginning of shooting, when Ronak (the actress) was required to walk up to Lenny, she went too fast that she was not in the frame. I directed her walk as slow as she can and she tried again and again. She is good at facial expression, I am satisfied with the close-up sequence. A good actor can help the group saving time. I really enjoy this shooting trip. To sum up, both directors and actors are responsible for their actions they designed to make sure audience will feel good about that.  Some actions are arts which required both actors and directors to design.

In the article ‘Sound Design’, the director Akira Kurosawa said ‘The most exciting moment is the moment when I add the sound…’ . I totally agree with this point because the silent film can not describe graphically. No sound, no music and no dialogue, which makes it so boring! In the later chapter the director points out a reasonable point of view that silence is the most powerful elements which creates contrast and rhythm between dialogue and any other sounds. Take my experience for example, I do not like watch horror film. When I am scared, I always put my hands over my ears so as to filter the background music, but some frightful scenes without sound always freak me out. I think the sound is the left and right hands of the film. Sound can not only create an atmosphere but also tell the location. Sound fx synchronizes pictures, which brings true feelings to the audience. When I hold the shotgun microphone, I can feel the responsibility of the person who record sound. An admirable film requires a good quality of sound.

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