Prompt #1 – Lenny reflection on

2 days video shooting provided us a good chance to learn the process of film making. We had met difficulties when we were shooting, which resulted to the harsh editing following by. It is hard for us to make a beautiful stuff in the first time. However, it is just a practice of learning new things, not of accomplishing a project.

Pre – Production (we are planning)

The first stage was all about discussion and sharing ideas among the members of my group before we started shooting. We started by assigning different jobs but based on everyone’s skills. I believe that is very important to arrange ourselves into the correct position, so as to enable us to do what we are good at and in which aspects we can make a great contribution to our group. For example, Francis is good at camera, so he was decided to be the cameraman, and he can teach us a lot about camera during the period of time when we were shooting. Afterwards, we looked at our script personally, I (1st AD) had freehand drawn the storyboard drafts with different scene, which can help me to express to Arron (Director) the pictures of script in myIMG_0932IMG_0931 mind clearly before we outlined and scheduled the script. After that we confirmed the script with the actress and the actor that they were to have a clear understanding of some particular actions, emotions as well as the relationship between Lenny and Sharron. Finally, we locked on the location where shooting would take place.

Production (just do it)

The first day, we set all the things but failed to notice that the camera does not working because of some unpredictable problems. Obviously, this is my mistake because this is part of 1st AD’s job which is double checking whether the equipment functions well or not. We wasted approximately 50 minutes on resetting the camera. The first day was wasted, whereas this lead us a successful shooting next day. We cherished and made full use of time to shoot. Due to the absenteeism of some people, Arron was changed to be the actor whilst I got the important role (Director) in the group. That was the first time I operated a veritable filming and experienced the whole process, which was impressive.

Post – Production (make it alive!)

I could not conceal my inner excitement when I had stepped into the awesome studio downstairs. We had been divided into 2 people groups before we started working. After that ,each of us was required to put the group videos that we shoot together last time  into a folder named Lenny in a computer then we could use the files, and create a new project into Adobe Premiere. We referred to the file, ‘Starting Off – Premiere’ , which is published in Paul’s blog and needs us to follow the steps about how we import the footage into Premiere. Everything went well in the beginning. However I got mad when playing with each of the clips because one third of them were duds. The second problem was that our clapper loader did not operate the clapperboard properly in the beginning of each take, which slowed down my process of renaming the clips.  (i. The clapperboard is not in the frame. ii. The wrong scene, shot and take order. iii. Repetition of scene, shot and take.) From this point, I realize organizing and renaming all of the clips is time-saving for the following edits. I have tried to montage the clips, which was aiming to make it a real video. I did 3 projects of Lenny shooting, but concern that they are almost the same with slight differences.

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