Prompt #2 – Keyboard shortcuts

According to Jonny ‘The beauty of being able to fully customize the keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC is that each editor can piece together a set of shortcuts that fit them like a glove’ (Jonny, 2014). Basically, keyboard shortcuts are the elementary skills for editors which are regarded as the quickest, most precise way to cut down footage, especially when it comes to trimming and removing large portions of clips at one time. In other words utilization of keyboard shortcuts is a good way to speed up editing instead of finding out the tools in the Premiere toolbar.

In the post-production part of practice, I found it is very time consuming to click the mouse forwards or backwards on selecting clips in the timeline panel and changing a particular parameter in effects panel when I was require to color grade and add some effects to the Lenny clips. Fortunately, Premiere Pro CC does have a keyboard shortcut for choosing the next and previous clip in the timeline (cmd+down arrow and cmd+up arrow), which helped me color grading all the clips in minutes. It is better to render the sequences after adding some effects which may guarantee the smooth playback of the footage.

In my opinion, every single person has the capability to operate Premiere, and finishes rough sound mixing  in their own ways. The key frames and the pen tool is widely used by people. However I do not like that way very much simply because that is hard to make big changes within a short time. The way I figured out is to working on the audio clips by cutting out the section of sound, altering the hierarchies of the audio and adding audio transitions to gain fade up as well as fade down. Moreover,  if there was a need of affecting the duration of the fade, I trimmed the audio or transitions. Indeed, this is very easy to reset too.


Jonny, E 2014, Premium Beat. 08 October 2014. Jonny Elwyn: Blog. Available from: <;.

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