Prompt #4 – Colour Grade

One of my biggest challenges is color correction cause I have never used it before. I even believed that a film has a beautiful color which is created by expensive camera. However, my mind was changed after I had done the color grading in the post production section. The results of color grading can be easily found in our favorite films, and color grading is widely used everywhere from feature films, to web videos, especially commercials .

Wikipedia defines Color Grading as ‘the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally.’

 I believe that color grading is same as the scene that director should have a careful thought because color can change the meaning of video and helps to express the situation or environment. For example, color grading can be used to make different feelings to audiences, a scene feel warm or cold, or eerie or pleasant. I normally used the three way color corrector effect to tint the clips.There are three color wheels  in the effect controls, shadows, midtones and highlights. I used cool greens and blues to make the picture looks colder, which can trick audiences’ mind into thinking the weather is cold, while warms oranges, browns and yellows can make audiences think the story happened in the middle of summer. 




In order to counteract the blue color which was the basic tint of the original clip, I controlled  the color wheel, and dragged towards orange. I tinted the whole image towards orange. Thereafter, a middle of 20th century film looked scene appeared.  The image popped after I have turned the saturation to 40%.


The saturation was also playing a significant role on changing the skin tone of Lenny’s face. I moved the wheel in the direction of the color which I wanted to be the color tone of his face, for it can be dialed in to create an unaffected tone.



During the production section, a catalog of problematic footage would be explored, coupled with this color correction needs to be done. However, I found myself incapable of fixing them sometimes. When bad footage is unavoidably  needed then color grading can help to rescue it.

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