#1 Prompt – The abstract edit

The abstract editing exercise was divided into three stages, “sound record”, “video record” and “individual editing”.

Up till now, I still believe that this is a weird experience which is quite different from last practice. This time we have got the high quality sound record and video clips and gave us creativity free reign to edit it. I thought this is a kind of documentary that we just shot and can not say for sure what will happen. It is so abstract that I have racked my brain trying to figure how to edit it because this time we had no script in our hands.

I record the audios with Aliee. We record the sounds when students were playing ping-pong or basketball. We record the sound when we were flushing the toilet. We record the sounds on street, the traffic, the crowd babble, the footsteps, the proprietary surrounded by noise, etc. We did not understand the tasks we had to do but we were happy with the experience of sound recording because the sound recorder is simple to use. In addition, the quality of the sounds we record is extremely good. It is very pure and clear. However, I did not use it very much, only the sound of footsteps and the sound of flushing toilet I cut out.

Do not underestimate the one minute film that I had created. Strenuous effort had been made to come up with an idea for editing. In order to find order in the random which is the hardest part in editing, I scaned Haiku examples. However, I did not find any valuable information I can use directly. I finally gave up the narrativity of the film and focused on the other requirements of the task. I added sounds which were downloaded from the website. Color Grading had been embedded in all the clips which plays a role of aesthetics.

Overall, the experience of abstract editing leaves me a deep thought because I think it is not good enough. Not only the use of sound record, but also the footage we shot. 

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