Prompt #7 – Reflection on the course

The first year I have spend in RMIT is almost over. Months had passed since the first tutorial of Sound and Image, and I felt the memory as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. I do remember how we implemented Pre – production and many different kinds of unforeseen technical problems we met. However, this course has been invaluable to me. I still working on reflections that required me to write a blog entries throughout a semester. I regard it as a learning diary or a journal that requires me to to comment on my own work and record what I have learned. I found the reflecting process its helpful, as it ensured that I did my effort to overcome difficulties. 

Even though I did have a lot of difficulties with this course, I did enjoy the progress of learning new things and having new understandings. I think my strength was that I am very comfortable with the mistake I made and had no fears with learning new things. I believe that I am a student who have to learn something from failure. In other words, mistakes can reveal which step goes wrong. I can find my weakness directly and correct myself.  One of the problems I first encountered in this course was not being able to get an immediate idea when I was having difficulty with the mixer. Ways I tried to overcome that were redoing what tutor had said.

Goals had been set when the semester started. Through the various practices, I have known the use of technology as never before. I have exploited every opportunity to learn new things that especially connected to film production. I have accomplished a lot of tasks which aims to push myself on learning new skills, such as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. 

The skills of equipment setting have also been practiced in the tutorials. But it is not enough. I have to keep going. For further developing, I am looking forward to share the inspirations which I have obtained from exercises that I had done in this semester as well as the articles I was required to read. I am willing to use the skills that I learned from other courses to combine with the knowledge that I gained from Sound and Image to make a great project. 

To sum up, the experience of this course is really delightful and unforgettable for me. Thanks for tutor’s help and patience. Thanks for group members’ collaboration and suggestion.


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