Doubting castle 2: flipped lecture

When drawing digitally, your first choice is bitmap (raster) or vector? Vector drawing is clean, precise, and it can look somewhat inhuman (although clever artists can overcome this). Some simple examples. That’s because it is the result of algorithms working out how to join two points together. Bitmap drawing tools replicate the pressure of your mouse, stylus or finger by translating that pressure into a series of tiny dots (pixels). The result can be much more like a hand-drawing – but it can also seem very crude in the hands of an unskilled user. Digital photographs are, ultimately, bitmaps.

Well, for my digital project. I would like to use photography instead of any digital drawing. Digital drawing can be created in Adobe illustrator CC which is a great software that be used to create animation. Dey taught me how to use the Adobe Illustrator CC. Meanwhile, I used the Wacom frequently this semester for my another course. I draw a lot of pictures by using Adobe Photoshop CC. I used the Illustrator to create the house shape and the windows and save as psd format and then import to Photoshop and created the other layers, such as the sky. I am going to make an animation footage that sky move slowly and the lights turn off one by one. However, I am not going to use drawing to create my digital story. Maybe can add some drawing into my promotion of digital story so as to attract audience.111


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