Prompt – #5 Forbidden Lies

In this clip from Forbidden Lies,  Anna Broinowski’s 2007 film: describe in detail all of the audio, how it may have been recorded/sourced and how you think it has been edited / layered in post. (You do not need to describe how the music was recorded)

‘Forbidden Lies’ is an Australian documentary with dramatic reconstructions and stylized interviews which directed by Anna Broinowski who won multiple prize with the documentary. The interesting storytelling by lifting the veil of truth in action and the great audio recording and editing with considerable skills really intrigued me. 

The exploratory documentary applied a great deal of sounds, such as birds tweeting and soft background music have been embedded in the scene to show their love. In addition, the background music is very match to the scene.

Sounds have been added in the Post – production of the documentary so as to portray what the director wants to get across. For example, the sound of bell ringing, the sound of car moving, the sound of throwing scarf and touching the ground and the sound of the feet walking in the sand have been recorded or sourced from established sound effects so as to make the documentary to be authentic.


While I was enjoying the video, the video was stopped deliberately with a clear sound of pressing the pause button. ‘This is not the truth’, the voice of Rana Husseini grabs my attention and intends to snap me out of the introduction of fantasy story.  She stresses her voice again and her facial expression shows that she is dissatisfied with the book. It just like the fantasy story pisses her off and she can not stand anymore. Then she presses the pause button and stands out to clarify the facts. The structure of the narrative is very interesting, striking and worth learning.


A series of interviews have been taken to prove the truth. The background music is like a music that was always displayed in a circuses to tell us the big joke of the book. At the end of the documentary, a extremely close up of mobile phone showed us where the sound comes from. The ending laughing is very impressive.

It is hard to distinguish the type sound whether were recorded or sourced. The only sound actually from the scenes is the dialogue coming from interviewees, and the natural background sounds from the footage as well as the ending scene. The sourced sound can be found in the free audio website. The audio editing can be done in multiple way such as different soundtrack and used pen tool to lowering sounds or music.

Overall,  the innovative idea and the application of sounds of the film are the key to success.


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