Reflecting on digital project

This blog will expose a reflection of my digital project, Navigating India which is a text based interactive game. Eva came up with the idea and Aaron focused on creating the game. I really happy to work with my group members. Actually, I am new to the social media. From I do not know how to use Facebook to I create a Facebook page for our digital project. I have learnt a lot from the process of producing the project.  This was our first time to make a real project and put it on website and promoted it.

At the beginning, we were required to do some researches about India. I am not good at history as well as geography. I know nothing about India. After two weeks, we realized that what we researched is useless and the content is too big. In other words, we had not decided which group of people will be our audience. We wanted young people who interested in India or tourists who have a plan to visit India to play our game that they can get a brief introduction of India. So we decided that each of us chose a city to focused on. Producing the project is very hard. We made up the stories that referred to many different comments from the traveler website. I focused on the Mumbai. I used google map and did a lot of researches to create a travelling route.

We were in different tutorials so we only met once a week. Gmail and Whatsapp really helped us to deliver important information and ideas. But the my draft story doc with pictures that I send to Aaron was invalid which is really annoying.  Except my own part of story making, I created a Facebook page, a Sina Weibo page and a visual site promotion. It is not too hard to create it. Thanks to Eva’s innovative ideas and Aaron’s skillful creation that allowed our digital project ran successful.

Project Link:


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