Affordance statement

Sunday 26th Jul

PIM Intensive_Presentation

Group Members:

Maoqing LU (Helena) s3518731

Jingwen HUANG (Dera) s3480434

Jun LIAO (Caroline) s3517081

Yachen ZHANG (Christine) s3515022

Case Study Example: Towards Santiago – Travel Film

Overview: This is a short travel film shot by Maria Donata Napoli with her iPhone (Edited with: Built-in camera app). She is using her iphone as a video camera to record the journey. The whole film is shot in black and white, the editing is very simple and there is no sound tracks. Since, the place (mountain) where she has shot this video is very limited (mountain), shooting with mobile phone camera gives her a great advantage, that is portability.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.54.17 pm

Affordance statement: Identified Affordance of mobile phone – Portability

Portability: Portability is indicating something that is light and easy to carry. In our chosen case study “Towards Santiago” we can see that Maria and her partner is walking and sometimes running during their journey while carrying heavy backpacks. So, using a mobile phone camera instead of using a vidicon or DSLR camera is much lighter and less tiring for them. Also, they set out in the early morning when it is very dark which makes the mountain tracks even harder to walk. It would be very dangerous if they carry a vidicon or a DSLR camera with them. Therefore, the portability that is afforded by a mobile phone makes her exterior recording much easier.


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