PIM – sketch 1 ‘ON SKATEBOARD’

This is my first video clip shot via a mobile phone which indicates an understanding of portability which was eventually chosen by our group members after a long time discussion. Portability: Portability is indicating something that is light and easy to carry. In our chosen case study “Towards Santiago”, we can see that Maria and her partner are always walking, sometimes even rushing during their journey with heavy backpacks all the way. However, those situations do not stop them recording their routines, like time, location and distance to destination. The video shows that Maria can record anything that she wants to record and does this whenever she wants, which shows the portability given by a mobile phone makes her exterior recording much more easier. Then I got inspiration from the video, “Towards Santiago”, that I am trying to shoot beautiful night scenes of Melbourne using my own mobile phone while playing a skateboard. As a beginner, I found it is very hard to balance myself on a skateboard whilst operating the mobile phone. The sketch was made after several attempts when I can balance myself for minutes. Mobile phone makes this possible because it is quite more handy to shoot and record rather than other devices, like a camera or a video camera. Obviously recording via mobile phones have advantages like light weight, small size and easy operating system. When doing some X – sports, mobile phone plays a significant role in portability rather than bulky cameras.


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