PIM – sketch 2 ‘DEAR DIARY’

This sketch ‘Dear Diary’ is our primal idea that be used as an example to explain the meaning of affordance to other group members who do not understand. Before we understand the tasks, we thought we were required to make a complete project for this semester so we planed to make a watchable and enjoyable video ‘keep a diary’. However, this is sketch is just an personal idea for experimenting feasibility of the ongoing shooting.

In my opinion, portable is a adjective to describe an object that is light and easy to carry. I just regard mobile phone as a camera to keep a visible diary in progress which can show a changing day by day. Also this video has a interesting background story and profound implication. I want to a use mobile phone to record a changing of a pessimistic person who is influenced by an ads and planning his life from now on. He has a subtle change everyday, like organise his timetable, clean up his room. He is affected by ‘training guide’ a book that is teaching people shape their body and how to run and do gym in a correct way. All the stuff and elements will be recorded by an iPhone. The iPhone just like a hided camera. All the filming mission will be done by myself, the only one cameraman for this video. Mobile phone makes my recording much more easier.

Low and high angle shot with a selfie stick which is much more easier than a bulky camera jib crane. I can take selfie stick and iPhone into my home without difficulty. I lift the mobile phone by using a selfie stick so as to complete the high angle shot. I hold my mobile phone and sit on actor’s leg while he is doing sit ups. After shooting, I just folded the stick and put into my bag and be ready for exterior shooting. Mobile phone brings me a lot of advantages that camera can not instead of in this long time shooting.



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