Mobile phone has great advantages. One of them is that mobile phone is normally light which makes it easy to carry or move. This sketch called ‘put my mommy in pocket’. I got inspiration for this sketch when I had a phone call with my mother. As a international student, I haven’t seen my mom for nearly a year since I left China last year. I miss her so much and want to meet her as soon as possible. After a terse greeting, I hang up the phone without indication. Then I call her back by using the Wechat face time. I can saw her face via mobile phone and she can see my face as well. Mobile phone provides people a chance to get closer. It can not only shorten distance for people but also connect to friends or family whenever and wherever. My mother is not here. We are 10,000 miles apart but she always stick with me. She is lying in my pocket. It seems like no distance between us.  The words in bold  is the lyrics from ‘California King Bed’ sung by Rihanna. I used to consider embedding this song in my video. However, the difficulty I faced is that making this video is more difficult than I thought. I am looking forward to make a watchable video, like record myself through selfie model and combined my mother’s one together in Adobe Premiere so as to make a visual conversation in one frame. But I have to make it in a simple way because my mother does not know digital devices well. I used the easiest way to record the process while I am chatting with my mother through the Wechat FaceTime and my laptop is playing the background music. I have no idea how to rotate the video because it was recorded by using my friend’s mobile phone.


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