This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

I have done 3 sketches on RMIT basketball court after PIM Tuesday tutorial. I was going to have lunch with my boyfriend. We need to walk down the A’ Beckett street and then turn right on Elizabeth street to get to the Chinese restaurant ‘Rose Garden. When we walked to the basketball court, my boyfriend asked me ‘Can we stop for a while? i want to  roll a cigarette.’ I said, ‘Fine, I want to enjoy the sun bath for a moment to help me refresh my full of assignments’ mind.’

I took my mobile phone out and shooting the sun. ‘portability, portability…’ I was talking to myself. I stopped whispering and moved my mobile in a circular motion in a narrow space around the trees. As I mentioned in sketch4, recordist can stand on a busy street in a narrow space shooting. I did that again but just using my hand. I was passing my mobile phone to another hand again and again and the handheld mobile phone was ‘walking’ around the trees in my two hands.


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