This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

This sketch was done together with sketch 5 at RMIT basketball court. I was racking my brain and staring at the fence net. I tried to connect the fence net with a portable mobile phone. I rethought about the thing (sketch 5) I have shot, then I got some inspiration from it which is that the mobile phone can easily cross a narrow space. However, the space between net and ground is much more narrow than the space between tree and tree. At first, I was trying to finish it by myself but the mobile phone would be get stuck when I passed it to my another hand. Then I asked my boyfriend for help. I hand my phone over to my boyfriend. The fence net looks very cool from a low angle. I regarded my iPhone as my protagonist, a prisoner crawled through a hole and escaped. To some extent, mobile phone makes shooting possible because it is smaller than a video camera to get through a narrow space, also it is lighter than a video camera to pass it on to others.

The mobile phone can shoot from some weird angles which are impossible for a  camera to shoot from, like from a narrow space that even smaller than a camera itself. My tiny mobile phone crossed the bottom of the fencenet. It is portable because of its low weight and small size in this case.


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