PIM – Sketch 7 ‘CUFF JEANS’

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

This sketch was done together with sketch 5 and 6 at RMIT basketball court. This sketch is very important for my further project. I just wanted to test the possibility of putting mobile phone on a leg. I can not do that because I wore a leggings and there is no rope to bind the mobile phone on my leg. Thus I asked my boyfriend to help me to finish another motion after sketch6. He wore a jeans. I folded his jeans to make one and a half inches cuff. I put my phone and his phone in the cuffs. The mobile phones just like the baby kangaroos in their mother’s pouches and their heads (the camera of mobile phones) are out of the pouches.  My boyfriend walked around and jumped on a bench, however, at that time, my iPhone was tossed off on the ground and another phone was still in the cuff. The footage makes me feel dizzy but it is quite good. The experiment is very successful but I think my iPhone needs to wear a protective case in next shooting.


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