PIM – Sketch 8 ‘MOVING TRAM’

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

I am living on William street. I take 35 city circle tram from school to home everyday.

It is little bit weird and how it relevant to portability?

In previous blog entries, I always show a portable mobile phone in different ways.

Portability: Portability is indicating something that is light and easy to carry.

This is a new aspect I discovered for portability.

People can take mobile phone to anywhere and use camera mode as people’s eyes. Then I just imagine that people may have the similar portability to mobile phones. People can be taken to anywhere by public or private transports and see views in their own eyes. In other words, people is very easy to be carried by using transports just like the mobile phone is easy to be carried by people.

I was thinking what about transport takes people,meanwhile people take mobile phones. And the video shot in this case may be interesting. I normally shot videos when I was walking, but this time I was just sitting on a tram. The tram would move for me. The sketch shows that people on tram 35 and the tram was taking them to other places.


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