PIM – Sketch 9 ‘ON THE MOVE’

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

As I mentioned before, sketch 7 is a testing that the possibility of putting mobile phone on a leg for further project. This sketch is based on sketch 1 and sketch 7.

A Sunday afternoon, I decided to have a rest and bask in the sunshine at flagstaff garden  after lunchtime. I asked my boyfriend to take the skateboard with him, because I want to try it on a leg. We took some stuffs for siesta, a carpet, a neck pillow, some water, a towel. I put on my slipper cause I want to try another idea I have got. As I have done in sketch 7, I folded his jeans to make two inches cuff so as to make sure the phones will not be tossed off. I put my phone and his phone in the cuffs. However, his HTC mobile phone always got back to the main menu every time I put it in the cuff. So I just put my iPhone in his left leg cuff which is on the skateboard. The iPhone recorded the whole fantastic process when my boyfriend was standing on and playing with the skateboard. We checked the video and found something interesting. The iPhone captured the nice moment and unexpected subtle fluctuations on the asphalt road.

I tried to use an application to edit the video. I cut down it, piece them together with a transition. I added a background music to make the video more interesting.


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