PIM – Sketch 10 ‘Marriage Equality’

I recorded this video that was happened urgently. Maybe it is not urgent for other people. That day I was finished my Storytelling, Genre and Medium intensive morning class. I wanted to have some food at that time. I got out of the Building 80 and found a noisy sound coming from state library that place. Well, I was just considering to take some footage in a busy place as I did before in sketch 4. That’s a campaign for Gay marriage rights maybe. I couldn’t stay there for long because I have to get some food and go back to the intensive. The time is quite limited for me but I want that video. It also can be used for my another course because we are doing a LGBTI interview in group. That could be my personal library. I just took out my iPhone and shot it. I have got 4 video clips just in 10 minutes. I have to say mobile phone is portable when I meet something suddenly and I have no time to set up. Meanwhile, when I am busy that I have no much time, mobile phone is the best solution for shooting something I want. It just lying in my pocket.


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