PIM – sketch 11 ‘Hello, taxi!’

I shot this video when I was taking a taxi. This is a little bit same to the one I  shot in the city circle. The taxi takes people to a place in a short time. This is the time we went back to the uni and returned the gear. I remember that day morning. I with my group member were helping our tutor shooting a interview as a warm up for our own project. We were required to book all the gear and bring it to the place we would take the interview. The place is not far from the uni but we spent at least 30 minutes to walk there. Just 4 girls took a Dedo, camera, audio and tripod! The gear is too heavy that we had to stop and had rests during the way. After interviewing, we planned to call a taxi. Transportation is the best innovation in the world I think. It helps people taking heavy stuffs from a place to another place. It delivers people, also makes the heavy stuffs more portable. I was so enjoy the trip in the taxi. My hands were free to shoot the portable moment. Yes, I had a camera just lying in the trunk but I think there is no more space for me to use a big guy shooting and turn round.


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