PIM – Week 13 – Draft III

This final video is evolving experiments that looks into my affordance of portability in camera phone use. My understanding of affordance has changed a lot from the initial understanding of the affordance to the recent one, which was that the phone can be sticked on any parts of my body and captures scenes without my control as if it shoots what my body ‘sees’, like my ankle, leg or arm, etc.  I was trying to capture the fast movement of a moving skateboard. However It was really hard to shoot placidly by holding a phone in my hand because arms were needed to move balancing my body whilst I was on a fast moving skateboard. Therefore I put my phone on my folded cuff of jeans. After that I figured out that I could also get scenes shot from a low angle which was totally different to the normal eye level and it has become my interesting idea of exploring undersea.

 I had got to buy a waterproof case since I was about to shoot the undersea sketch because it was so necessary to record a watery moment. I banded my phone with a tape on my ankle and get this fascinating video done. The tape is uncomfortable and hurt when I was moving. Additionally, the waterproof case which costs me about 100 dollars didn’t work very well. It was designed improperly, or it was just a general waterproof case but not a professional waterproof phone case. 

I am happy with the way my video work was developed in the 3rd draft. The problems in 2nd draft were solved this time. I didn’t change the basic structure of my video work. I found that the scene shot under the sea was quite slow and placid, so I was thinking that I could play with the play speed of the video in order to maintain the conference of the video. To alter some unwanted parts into fast motion and some interesting parts into slow motion. I found scenes shifting can not be noticed by naked eye in a fast motion transit. The process of filming is quick and not that hard but the editing is time consuming. I was repeating cut and change the duration of the clips. The sound was recorded on site that shows a quite different sound above the sea and under the sea. I remain the original audio track which can present the realistic world I explored.  I tried to make the title simple. It can easily connect to the theme of  beach. Giving audience a feeling of clean, clear, easy and relax.


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