Week 11 – PIM – Draff II

My understanding has changed a lot from the initial understanding of the affordance to the recent one, which was that the phone can be sticked onto my body and capture films without my control as if it shoots what my body ‘sees’, like my ankle, leg or arm, stc. My idea has developed a lot since I made the sketch, ‘skateboard’. I was trying to capture the fast movement of playing a skateboard, so I taped my phone on my ankle aimed to shoot from a lower angle which was totally different to the normal eye level, so that I could capture the moments of moving skateboard. My video sketch wouldn’t have been made if I hadn’t chosen a waterproofed phone case to support this work. I spent $99 on a waterproof case in order to secure my iPhone from the dangers of water. I taped my phone to my ankle and walked into the sea to get this video done as what I did previously. When I looked at the video after it was shooted, I figured out that the scene which I was walking on the beach was quite fluctuant that I hardly could see what was happening there, but I also found that the scene shooted under the sea was quite placid, so I was thinking that I could alter the video to a slow motion video afterwards. I love the moment when the waves touched my iPhone.  The texture of the waves touched my phone and everything becomes soft and then clear again in 3 or 4 seconds later. I edited it in Adobe Premiere CC and used slow motion in order to get a clear watery moment, but I am not satisfied with the video. The duration of the video is over 20 mins, so I have to cut the video. I was terribly disappointed with the audio. During the editing, i cut away some dizzy footage that I was walking, but it resulted in a mismatching between the audio and the image.  I cut the strange parts away in the end which is not an ideal solution.


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