NDN- Task 3: investigate digital tools

  • Task 3: investigate digital tools

    Research one or more of the digital tools you could use to create your digital narrative.

    Option 1. Describe any software that look promising and explain how you could use the tool in your project. Post this task on your personal blog. Word count: approximately 500 words (See ‘Word count: can I exceed it?’ on the Study FAQs page).

    Option 2. Create a 3-part branching video (a video that branches to two more videos) using Youtube or Interlude Treehouse. Post it on your personal blog.

    Option 3. Create a 3-part narrative structure using a website builder (WordPress / Squarespace). This could contain some sample text, a sample video and a sample image. Post it on your personal blog.


  • I choose option 3:


I created this website as an example to explain the idea by using WordPress.  Wordpress met most requirements that I need. But I need to spend some money if I want to make it better and looks more like a website not a blog.

* The video and image in homepage.

There will be 3 videos on the homepage. I got the image and video from my pale skin.
I have gathered the idea from this website: http://www.beoplay.com/products/beoplayh7

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.22.21 pm

Audience can drag the button in the middle to decide whether they world like to watch the video on the left hand side, right hand side or both together.

The interactive video can not be made in WordPress I think. It is easy if just edit the video in Adobe Premiere that combined two video into one but very hard to make the video interactive by dragging the button and choose a way to enjoy the video.

*Problem needs to be solved.



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