NDN – Task 9: EPOC media objects


Task 9: EPOC media objects

Create one of the following media objects for the Electronic Proof of Concept for your final project proposal:

  • a script
  • a storyboard
  • an animatic
  • a sample scene in the form of a video clip
  • an audio file
  • a screen design
  • an interactive wireframe
  • a game prototype

Post or link to the media object on your blog and write a reflective piece about it (~500 words).

In other words, identify an insight (an interesting or illuminating new thing you learned) from creating this media object. Focus on something that may change your thinking (or be important for you) that you hadn’t realised. Think about what the significance of this new insight might be for your learning and future practice.


  • Finally, I choose to team up with Olivia to produce her Mixi’s Mini Diary. We started the project since we agreed working together and assigned the role on week 8. I am in charge of taking picture and Olivia will draw an animated character on the pictures. This is a warmup/practise for cultivating our tacit teamwork for next semester. After a morning practise, I realised that this time is totally different from traditional photography/cinematography. Mixi is a hand size animated character, so it required me to take pictures close to ground. Equipment I used: GoPro, GoPro tripod, mobile phone and selfie stick. Using the features of action camera and mobile phone which are small, handy and portable. New insight: A new form of storytelling  based on still images. Photograph as main setting, so choosing locations are extremely important. Meanwhile, capturing a nice picture talks me a long time. i.e. capture the movements of people as the background/props. Many disadvantages: safety issue shooting on streets. Distance decides the frame if using mobile camera and GoPro, therefore, it requires me standing in a right position to capture a nice picture. How to solve the problem? Mobile camera lens can address this kind of problems.  Advantage: Comparing with traditional cinematography and storytelling, it is low budget. No need actor, green screen studio, big video camera, lighting kit, audio, etc.

Mixi (hand size animated character), an international student, study business at RMIT. She’s been Australia for 1 week. Now lives in a local family (homestay).

On the orientation day (Monday morning), Mixi gets up at 7:00 a.m. She runs to train station in a flying speed. She uses her Myki card that she bought last Saturday. She takes a train to city. 8:25 a.m. She arrives at Flinders station. She follows the google map and finally arrives at building 8. She looks at crossing people on Swanston St and listens the tinkling sound from trams. Everything is so beautiful but uncertainty.


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