week 1

I am doing Mixi’s mini diary with Olivia as my primary project. Actually, I found that it is very hard to accommodate our time for meeting regularly. Having tutorials is a really good way to hold a regular meeting after class. However, the frustrating thing is that we are not in same tutorials and didn’t meet each other this week face to face. We came up an idea that to hold the meeting online, using the chat tool ‘WECHAT’. Below is a week 1 journal which I wrote for recording the activities and progress of the project. 

Week1 – Sunday meeting on we chat FaceTime:

24th July 2016****


1)assignment 1:Concept Brief & Pitch for a Media Project: presentation

A1 due 30th 7 intensive Saturday


revise the concept brief and make any additions or changes

*a document use to attract others to commit and work on the ideas.


2) confirm our schedule *class time *meeting time


—— things we need to do for next tutorial, 1, asking tutor about the concept changes and feedback, get some advice.


before intensive 1* ppt for presentation  约好哪天一起写,brief or Google doc?

content: concept, scale, platform, market/to whom, story, what we have done last semester, what we need to change, (develop story need more conflicts, looking for client?) milestone for whole semester & presenting next step and what audience will see in next stage.


2* survey

the survey is gonna help us with story development (and avoiding bias) since both of us are media student rather than business student. *we both don’t know about that environment, question: what we gonna do? how can we know more about business student? from friends, from in-depth interview and survey or else?


survey questions?? (in Chinese and translation) 问卷问题 informal


1,来自哪里 |  Where are u from?

2, 年龄段 |  Age?

3,来澳留学最主要的原因 |  The reason you study in Australia?

4, 来了多久 |  How long have you been here.

5,住郊区还是city | Where do you live, city or suburb?

6,喜欢city 或者郊区的原因?|  The reason you like to live in city or suburb?

7,花多少时间学习 | How long you study everyday?

8, 花多少时间放松  | How long you take to relax.

9,放松的方式 | What do you normally do?

10,生活和学习中最难克服的困难是什么 | The difficult things you encountered in your study and life?

11,澳洲生活和以前国内生活有什么不同?| What’s the difference between your life in Melbourne and your previous life?

12,更喜欢澳洲的什么?| What attracts you in Melbourne?

13,和local一起学习的感想 | What do you thing about study with local people?

14,未来一年最想做的事情 | What do you want to do in next few years?

15,以什么方式提高英语? | In what way you improve your language?

16,你认为你最大的进步是什么?| What is the biggest thing you appreciate?

17,这期间受过最大的委屈是什么?| What are the things that you feel sad or upset.