Week 2

This week, we added a new team member Dominic. I actually not happy with the reason why he came to our team. Olivia gave me her reason that Dominic is so poor and he has no project to do… I am an objective person. I would think what he can contribute to us. Additionally, the plan we did last semester will be totally rescheduled. eg. the role, who is in charge of marketing or story development?  I planned a production schedule in order to make sure the project running on time. Below is what I wrote for group journal to record the process. 

Additionally, I was recommended by Ahmed to help Aliee’s group recording sound. Aliee prefer to use shotgun mic directly to record the interview, therefore, I was actually a boom operator rather than a sound recordist.

Week 2 – Thursday meeting in Building 9-2:

30th July 2016****

I will plan the production schedule, we will stick on the plan. Changes will be discussed through a group meeting. Plz do not change directly without permission

Presentation content:

*Olivia – brief, concept, scale, story world, etc.

*Dominic – Marketing part

*Dera – Character, schedule plan.


Schedule link:


Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 10.55.07 am.png