Week 3

 Even though I planned the schedule and shared to team members but they didn’t pay attention to, as well as below. I assigned tasks to everyone in the group as well as myself. Due to Dominic joined us, we changed our role. I am in charge of project manager and Sina Weibo account (for marketing), Olivia is illustrator and Dominic develop stories. I finished my job and informed others. I only know what I did because we did not hold any meetings this week. Three weeks we did nothing just created an account and use previous work. I feel upset and totally lost my interest in this project. I created a Sina Weibo account and post a mini blog with an illustrated graphic design to welcome people follow us on Sina Weibo.

The illustrated photography, illustrate by Oliva, photograph by myself (this is what we did last semester). I used an app (Creative Shape) to create letter ‘M’ to represent ‘mixi’.

Week 3 –

2nd Aug 2016****

*Dera – Create sina weibo account for Mixi’s mini diary, SHARE THE ACCOUNT TO GROUP MEMBER & PASSWORD (see the top page, under the project name). Help Olivia with illustration if she is asking for help. Discuss the style with Dominic when release story 1.

*Olivia – Create Mixi’s mini diary WECHAT official account, organize by yourself. Character design (will be used directly). Digital drawing and contact Dera if need helps.

*Dominic – Get the story 1 done, will be released  on Sunday night. Plz discuss with director and working on the content. Story provide before Friday midnight.


On 1st August, I went to Warrnambool Presbyterian with Helena to help her ‘Ardure Your Dream Wedding Planner’ project. To thanks the couple that we can attend their wedding and shoot the client ‘Ardure Wedding Planner’, Helena decided to make a video for the couple and asked me to in charge of this. This is my first time that somebody gives me a chance to do  what I like. Sound recordist becomes my expertise after many practices but my interest is being a cinematographer. This was my first time and what I shoot was not that good. I learned many things after shooting and consulting the two Dops(Chi and Kelvin) about shooting a wedding and technical stuff. I found to be a cinematographer is not an easy thing. A lot of things need me to dig into, such as lighting, using natural light or studio light? composition, movements, camera style and so on. The video will be provided in next few week (edit by myself).Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 11.56.31 am.png

(Me & Helena)





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