Week 4

This week, we welcomed another people, Albert, to help us taking pictures. Finally, I propose to quit the project due to the workload and my importance in the group project. I was assigned as a photographer, a story developer and an illustrator assistant last semester in which occupies at least 50% workload in the group. However due to two people joined in, since they are unfamiliar the project, my job has forced to became a project manager to make sure that the project is still progressing. However, people in the group of Mixi’s mini dairy aren’t cooperative, they don’t really follow the timeline which I made for scheduling to meet up or discuss the process of work, so the project goes really slowly. I stopped writing group journal as I found that is useless and unnecessary to us and I feel I wasted time doing that. Meanwhile, project manager is not my interest. My initial idea was as a photographer in this group and the project manager couldn’t drive my passion to the group work. After having long chats with Olivia and Helena, I decided to give up Mixi’s mini diary and become a member of ‘Ardure Your Wedding Planner’. Seems I am more needed in Helena’s group. I and Helena work together 3 times and know each other well and we believe that we can make a good work again.

Additionally, I continually help Aliee’s group. I am not happy with the sound recorded outside. We had an outside interview which was on a ship. The color of sea and sky are really good for visual content but the condition is bad for audio especially for recording sound without a sound mixer device. Shooting outside is an unforeseen situation that the producer (Stacey) told us we will shoot the interviewee at her apartment but the interviewee changed her plan and insisted shooting on the ship.