Week 5

Last semester, I and Helena have decided to work together on New Direction in Narrative. We decided to write different proposals and pick up the better one this semester. We always had a long chat after class about projects, ideas, and other tiny things. Therefore I am familiar with her idea of Your Dream Wedding Planner. Another group member Dey, she is pregnant. We all understand  her situation and trust her editing skill and let her do not stress out at the moment but try the best at post-production. This week, I met up with Helena and two Dops (Chi and Kelvin) who I worked with last week during the couple’s wedding day to go through the script and storyboard. We decided the cameras and compositions. Different cameras have different styles. It is so cool to follow with two experienced Dops to gain experience and knowledge. Four of us are Chinese, that is easy for us to communicate and exchange ideas.




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