Week 11

It was so embarrassing that I forgot that I don’t have footages. The copies were preserved by Helena and Dey. Once I was trying to solve this problem, I suddenly remembered that we got different versions Adobe Premiere as well. She has 2015.4 Adobe Premiere and mine is 2015. If I update my version to newest one, the file can be opened but it will don’t work again in her Premiere. Thus, we used the bad and last option but fast which is providing timecode for Dey and she will add subtitles by using this timecode.

Link to timecode:


The timecode is exactly the section what character said in the video. I downloaded the video that Dey provided for Helena to review. I dragged the video to my Premiere, played the video and wrote down the timecode line by line. The timecode is controlled in milliseconds.



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