Week 9

We were very happy and appreciate that everyone in this group sacrifices their personal time and contribute to this project without any grumble. Everyone paid their efforts and tried their best to bring the lost footage back. On this Sunday morning, we met at the church opposite the Flinders station again at 6 a.m. It was similar to last time but many location changes applied to the introduction section. On that day, I was doing behind scene, stand-in as well as the security of property. I forgot to mention that on the 3 days shooting at the rented house, a makeup artist nearly lost her mobile phone. It was very busy at that day. Almost 20 people there in the house. When we finished interview of Queenie, the makeup artist found her mobile phone was missed. We found her mobile phone in an actress’s bag and she was packing up her bags and was trying to get out of here. The actress was called out from outside and no one knew her.


This time, I and Naomi (the bridge actress) stuck with and looked after our equipment and properties in turns. Many locations were changed when shooting and based on director’s preference, such as changed the parliament to the royal arcade and the Melbourne star to Dockland harbor.


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