What I thought is…If failure, try again

This is my hand draw for a course which called illusion of life. Actually I got lost in this assignment. At the beginning, I made up a story about the origin of water. But I found it is not on the topic. To be honest, I really love that story and willing to present it. But reality is that I have to get on the topic and get that 12 points. So I have to obey the rule. Everything is new to me, the people here, the environment here, the learning style here, the way to speak here. Everything is hard to me. I never use this language in daily life in my country. I never eat hamburgers everyday. I never have a habit to say ‘thank you’ ‘excuse me’ everyday. It’s very hard to me to catch up with local students or even some chinese students who have good learning adaptibilities. Coming to another country to study requires a big adjustment and it takes a while to fit in. Yeah, but for how long? Yesterday, John asked me ‘what can you do?’. I don’t know how to respond him. What can I do? I know I can do nothing now. But I am eager for skills and knowledge. I have to say the learning style here is quite different from China. Students in China have no idea about what they want? What they should do? They have to be reminded by people around. I think the main point is the attitude to study. Students here have enthusiastim to learn new things to fulfil their dreams. Chinese ❌never. I just want to find out myself and see the world clearly. Just enjoy what the world brings to you.