Audience Research

A completely planned audience research that engage with  a small group of  people can bring a detailed information of their personal experiences and thought to watching a performance. Audience research is a survey that could be done on Internet. The search engine ‘Duck Duck Go’ provide a great deal of information which may helps me to get some useful things about Mumbai. However, I do not think the engine can be used in our audience research. I used the normal way to do the research. The project can be more specific when we decide which group of people will be our audience. Such as the programming concept that the producer aimed children as their audience. Thus, they set the popular character and used the practical lesson to make a interesting snowflake so as to engage with the audience. Firstly, I considered the size of audience. For example, we focus on the tourist which helped us minify the scale of theme. That is easier to come up with an idea, and focusing on what we do next. After choosing a feasible field, we tried to explore the interesting things that tourist like. That is not to hard to carry out. As I mentioned before, we used hashtag to do the research which is much easy to find out something you want. Well, we have only 3 people in our group. So we decided to do something individually by planning for different field but based on the one theme. By which I mean, we did audience research separately cause we focused on different city. The format and the way we would publish it are also in our plan that we must take it into account. We decided to make a text-based interactive game, which probably will be published in facebook and twitter. So we have to do the research of the users of facebook and twitter who may interested in playing the text-based interactive game. Our conclusion of audience research we analyzed is the young person who interesting in and want to get some information about India before they travelling to India.