The Interpreter’s house 1: Google alerts

Cinderella (2015 film)

I read an article from Google Alert (Entertainment) is about a newest Disney fantasy film Cinderella. Bunbury nattated some stories behind the scenes. The Cinderella (2015) was released on 13th March 2015. This film is not direct remake which borrowed some elements from the animated musical film Cinderella (1950). In my perspective, there are some similarities between the Cinderella (2015) and the Frozen (2013) and the Maleficent (2014). 



The features of setting, the color balancing and bluish cast they used.


“I don’t really have organs any more,” says James, lifting the wired layers of her ball-dress behind her like a peacock’s tail to lower herself gingerly on to a stool. “They’re squeezed in and then pulled down on my kidneys. It’s worth it, though.” Bunbury (2015)

Look at her tiny waist. James said she can not eat any food except soup as her meals. Also in the Cinderella film, there are some scenes require James dancing and the costume becomes a challenge that breathe hardly to her.

I am wondering that how do Disney recreate the old story that everybody has read. What I found is the characters design has been changed. Theme can be reveal through the personality of characters.


‘Nobody is actually ugly,’ Blanchett said, ‘We get so obsessed with the externals, but it’s all about the internal stuff. Lady Tremaine is withered from the inside out, so she masks herself up with this exquisite exterior. Hopefully, as the story progresses … [her] luscious red lips become really hideous! I hope those little things come across.’ Bunbury (2015) 
What the film do is to let audience think about it. It’s not only a story from Grimms’ Fairy Tales but also a story what may happen around us everyday. We can make a comparison with the Maleficent.

Lady Tremaine and Maleficent are regarded as wicked women. However the director of Maleficent adapted original screenplay ( Sleeping Beauty ) and switched heroine which brings a whole new story to audience. Nobody is actually ugly in the world. The director analysed the character of Maleficent and reset her as a real woman, an ordinary people. She has experienced a whole range of emotions, like despair, frustration, anger, rage and most of all a sense of betrayal. She seemed to be regretting that she had placed a curse on the princess.