Vanity Fair 5: VOIP – A convenient way to stay close with friends.

As an international student here. I have to admit Skype is a good way to stay close with my Chinese friends and family. I can run a group video call with my mom and dad. It’s cheaper than Vodafone as well. Skype allows 25 people to make a video call at a time. I think this advantage is beneficial to some companies to hold an emergency meeting. I tried the voice call and video call with my digital story group member. Aliee and I shared the files about the assignment’s idea of illusion of life to each other. We are happy with this face to face conversation that we are in a different place. This application helps us to improve the efficiency of sharing ideas. It’s time-saving and money-saving because we do not need to go outside and sit in a cafe. But one thing I have to point out is the instability of Skype.Sometimes the sound I heard was spotty and my screen flickered on and off, like an old fashion television with a black and white picture. LOL