Prompt – Goals and Desires

I have been thinking this question many times since I was first attracted to the digital media before I had started my bachelor degree. Like other filmmakers, I would like to do some films that the audience like to watch. I was willing to be more academic, therefore that becomes the reason that I came to Australia to develop my skills and fulfill my dream. I have to exploit every opportunity to learn new things that especially connected to my major. In this semester, I have set a lot of tasks which aims to push myself on learning new skills, such as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. The rule of thirds as well as the basic skills of equipment setting have also been practiced meanwhile.

Contemporary Media  Work Practice guides us to share our works via the Internet. Especially the skill that allow us to share personal files on our own web page. For this course, I am looking forward to share the inspirations which I have obtained from exercises that I had done during the first few weeks of the semester as well as the stories we were required to read.

The tutor of Sound and Image has given heaps of constructive recommendations on film shooting. We tried to collect sound, and to reset the camera many times so as to improve the proficiency in using the equipment. The professor showed us how wIMG_2894e can deconstruct the images as well as explore the rules of thirds. The methodology that he has presented is considered as a basic approach to the basis of aesthetics. I am eager to master the essential skills that we are required to use in our future careers. The tutor has given and offered ways that will help me accomplishing more and more achievements  in my future study.

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