Melbourne Noir – Cigarettes

Introduction: Pressure comes from everywhere, assignments, jobs, children and so on.  Many people relax themselves by smoking.  Cigarette smoking has been associated with lung cancer which killed many people in the world. Governments raised taxes of tobacco to encourage people to give up smoking. But…

Background:  Kelvin is an artist who comes from Asia.

He become addicted to cigarettes.


But he is very poor that he can not afford a new packet of cigarettes.

He picked up a cigarette butt.


 He pulled out a gold-plated lighter and lighted the cigarette butt.

The lighter is the only valuable thing that his father gave him.


So he laid the lighter down on the table carefully.


Keep working.



Melbourne Noir

Melbourne Noir

Window-Melbourne Noir

This is my first picture I took in this course. I call it window noir.

The window not only protect people from the harsh sun and wind but  also conceal their emotions. Maybe they have conflict everyday.  Maybe they are doing some unforgivable things.

— Dera