Doubting castle 1: Flipped lecture

I like Photoshop, which is a professional image-editing software. First of all, I like it because image editing is fun. And then I am trying to cover the fact that I am not good at photographing. I want to create things, atmospheres and such, that weren’t necessarily there.  I use Photoshop frequently in this semester, with a Wacom pen to create 2D animation by drawing pictures in the Photoshop.  Photo editing probably be added into our digital story because we have to make a text- based interactive game with picture. The pictures we download from website are not allowed to be used in our project due to the copyright. So we can change the picture to another way such as oil paint which can be done in Photoshop. The digital image editing flipped lecture reveals the basic knowledge of image editing. For example, how to open and save your image. This lecture is a good for those beginner to make some simple layer. To improve your skills, I recommend ‘Lynda’, which is a privately held online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. You may find a lot of detailed video tutorials of Photoshop taught by experts. They will teach you selective coloring, lines and the rule of thirds. And any other software can be found in Lynda as well, such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect which is useful to us in the future learning. An example of Photoshop, I create the onion by drawing with a Wacom pen in Photoshop which can be used in my recipe of India food.ss_onions copy