Delectable Mountains 6: Programming concepts 2

This blog is reflecting on the 20 exercises I undertook which based on the Delectable Mountains 5: Programming concepts 1. At first, I followed instructions to stick colorful blocks together. It requires a good brain; however I was stuck in turn right 60 degree or 90 degree all the time. I found that was time wasting, so I gave up to do all the exercises but tried to make a beautiful snowflake in the end. I skipped 6 exercises which I thought are totally same. To be honest, I have no interest in codes. I thought the 20 exercises are enjoyable but useless for our digital storytelling except considering the media strategy of the programming concept. This is a good way to trap kids as their audience by making snowflakes by children selves and the character from the movie ‘Frozen’ that the group of programming designed are attractive as well.