PIM – Week 13 – Draft III

This final video is evolving experiments that looks into my affordance of portability in camera phone use. My understanding of affordance has changed a lot from the initial understanding of the affordance to the recent one, which was that the phone can be sticked on any parts of my body and captures scenes without my control as if it shoots what my body ‘sees’, like my ankle, leg or arm, etc.  I was trying to capture the fast movement of a moving skateboard. However It was really hard to shoot placidly by holding a phone in my hand because arms were needed to move balancing my body whilst I was on a fast moving skateboard. Therefore I put my phone on my folded cuff of jeans. After that I figured out that I could also get scenes shot from a low angle which was totally different to the normal eye level and it has become my interesting idea of exploring undersea.

 I had got to buy a waterproof case since I was about to shoot the undersea sketch because it was so necessary to record a watery moment. I banded my phone with a tape on my ankle and get this fascinating video done. The tape is uncomfortable and hurt when I was moving. Additionally, the waterproof case which costs me about 100 dollars didn’t work very well. It was designed improperly, or it was just a general waterproof case but not a professional waterproof phone case. 

I am happy with the way my video work was developed in the 3rd draft. The problems in 2nd draft were solved this time. I didn’t change the basic structure of my video work. I found that the scene shot under the sea was quite slow and placid, so I was thinking that I could play with the play speed of the video in order to maintain the conference of the video. To alter some unwanted parts into fast motion and some interesting parts into slow motion. I found scenes shifting can not be noticed by naked eye in a fast motion transit. The process of filming is quick and not that hard but the editing is time consuming. I was repeating cut and change the duration of the clips. The sound was recorded on site that shows a quite different sound above the sea and under the sea. I remain the original audio track which can present the realistic world I explored.  I tried to make the title simple. It can easily connect to the theme of  beach. Giving audience a feeling of clean, clear, easy and relax.


PIM – sketch 12 ‘Mission Impossible’

I did this sketch when I was in Dockland with I boyfriend. I took the selfie stick that day in order to take pictures. However, it helps me a lot than I expected. That day is my birthday. I made up myself and was going to eat seafood buffet in Dockland. The Vic Harbour was so beautiful. I really really wanted to take some picture for the scene. I happily ran and suddenly came up an idea. Running and shooting proceed simultaneously. I was shy in frame so I asked my boyfriend to do that for me. The mobile phone captured the amazing sunset. This was again selfie stick assist my mobile phone to finish recording in a low angle but this time we tried running during the process. This is an impossible mission for camera obviously. All my understanding of portability is mission impossible. I mean mobile phone can finish some missions that camera can’t. This light and handy mobile phone can cross a narrow space, can finish a shooting in minutes, can be put in a small pocket.

PIM – sketch 11 ‘Hello, taxi!’

I shot this video when I was taking a taxi. This is a little bit same to the one I  shot in the city circle. The taxi takes people to a place in a short time. This is the time we went back to the uni and returned the gear. I remember that day morning. I with my group member were helping our tutor shooting a interview as a warm up for our own project. We were required to book all the gear and bring it to the place we would take the interview. The place is not far from the uni but we spent at least 30 minutes to walk there. Just 4 girls took a Dedo, camera, audio and tripod! The gear is too heavy that we had to stop and had rests during the way. After interviewing, we planned to call a taxi. Transportation is the best innovation in the world I think. It helps people taking heavy stuffs from a place to another place. It delivers people, also makes the heavy stuffs more portable. I was so enjoy the trip in the taxi. My hands were free to shoot the portable moment. Yes, I had a camera just lying in the trunk but I think there is no more space for me to use a big guy shooting and turn round.

PIM – Sketch 10 ‘Marriage Equality’

I recorded this video that was happened urgently. Maybe it is not urgent for other people. That day I was finished my Storytelling, Genre and Medium intensive morning class. I wanted to have some food at that time. I got out of the Building 80 and found a noisy sound coming from state library that place. Well, I was just considering to take some footage in a busy place as I did before in sketch 4. That’s a campaign for Gay marriage rights maybe. I couldn’t stay there for long because I have to get some food and go back to the intensive. The time is quite limited for me but I want that video. It also can be used for my another course because we are doing a LGBTI interview in group. That could be my personal library. I just took out my iPhone and shot it. I have got 4 video clips just in 10 minutes. I have to say mobile phone is portable when I meet something suddenly and I have no time to set up. Meanwhile, when I am busy that I have no much time, mobile phone is the best solution for shooting something I want. It just lying in my pocket.

PIM – Sketch 9 ‘ON THE MOVE’

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

As I mentioned before, sketch 7 is a testing that the possibility of putting mobile phone on a leg for further project. This sketch is based on sketch 1 and sketch 7.

A Sunday afternoon, I decided to have a rest and bask in the sunshine at flagstaff garden  after lunchtime. I asked my boyfriend to take the skateboard with him, because I want to try it on a leg. We took some stuffs for siesta, a carpet, a neck pillow, some water, a towel. I put on my slipper cause I want to try another idea I have got. As I have done in sketch 7, I folded his jeans to make two inches cuff so as to make sure the phones will not be tossed off. I put my phone and his phone in the cuffs. However, his HTC mobile phone always got back to the main menu every time I put it in the cuff. So I just put my iPhone in his left leg cuff which is on the skateboard. The iPhone recorded the whole fantastic process when my boyfriend was standing on and playing with the skateboard. We checked the video and found something interesting. The iPhone captured the nice moment and unexpected subtle fluctuations on the asphalt road.

I tried to use an application to edit the video. I cut down it, piece them together with a transition. I added a background music to make the video more interesting.

PIM – Sketch 7 ‘CUFF JEANS’

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

This sketch was done together with sketch 5 and 6 at RMIT basketball court. This sketch is very important for my further project. I just wanted to test the possibility of putting mobile phone on a leg. I can not do that because I wore a leggings and there is no rope to bind the mobile phone on my leg. Thus I asked my boyfriend to help me to finish another motion after sketch6. He wore a jeans. I folded his jeans to make one and a half inches cuff. I put my phone and his phone in the cuffs. The mobile phones just like the baby kangaroos in their mother’s pouches and their heads (the camera of mobile phones) are out of the pouches.  My boyfriend walked around and jumped on a bench, however, at that time, my iPhone was tossed off on the ground and another phone was still in the cuff. The footage makes me feel dizzy but it is quite good. The experiment is very successful but I think my iPhone needs to wear a protective case in next shooting.


This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

This sketch was done together with sketch 5 at RMIT basketball court. I was racking my brain and staring at the fence net. I tried to connect the fence net with a portable mobile phone. I rethought about the thing (sketch 5) I have shot, then I got some inspiration from it which is that the mobile phone can easily cross a narrow space. However, the space between net and ground is much more narrow than the space between tree and tree. At first, I was trying to finish it by myself but the mobile phone would be get stuck when I passed it to my another hand. Then I asked my boyfriend for help. I hand my phone over to my boyfriend. The fence net looks very cool from a low angle. I regarded my iPhone as my protagonist, a prisoner crawled through a hole and escaped. To some extent, mobile phone makes shooting possible because it is smaller than a video camera to get through a narrow space, also it is lighter than a video camera to pass it on to others.

The mobile phone can shoot from some weird angles which are impossible for a  camera to shoot from, like from a narrow space that even smaller than a camera itself. My tiny mobile phone crossed the bottom of the fencenet. It is portable because of its low weight and small size in this case.


This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

I have done 3 sketches on RMIT basketball court after PIM Tuesday tutorial. I was going to have lunch with my boyfriend. We need to walk down the A’ Beckett street and then turn right on Elizabeth street to get to the Chinese restaurant ‘Rose Garden. When we walked to the basketball court, my boyfriend asked me ‘Can we stop for a while? i want to  roll a cigarette.’ I said, ‘Fine, I want to enjoy the sun bath for a moment to help me refresh my full of assignments’ mind.’

I took my mobile phone out and shooting the sun. ‘portability, portability…’ I was talking to myself. I stopped whispering and moved my mobile in a circular motion in a narrow space around the trees. As I mentioned in sketch4, recordist can stand on a busy street in a narrow space shooting. I did that again but just using my hand. I was passing my mobile phone to another hand again and again and the handheld mobile phone was ‘walking’ around the trees in my two hands.

PIM – Sketch 8 ‘MOVING TRAM’

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

I am living on William street. I take 35 city circle tram from school to home everyday.

It is little bit weird and how it relevant to portability?

In previous blog entries, I always show a portable mobile phone in different ways.

Portability: Portability is indicating something that is light and easy to carry.

This is a new aspect I discovered for portability.

People can take mobile phone to anywhere and use camera mode as people’s eyes. Then I just imagine that people may have the similar portability to mobile phones. People can be taken to anywhere by public or private transports and see views in their own eyes. In other words, people is very easy to be carried by using transports just like the mobile phone is easy to be carried by people.

I was thinking what about transport takes people,meanwhile people take mobile phones. And the video shot in this case may be interesting. I normally shot videos when I was walking, but this time I was just sitting on a tram. The tram would move for me. The sketch shows that people on tram 35 and the tram was taking them to other places.

PIM – Sketch 4 ”Melbourne Busy street”

This sketch will explain an understanding of portability.

A Sunday afternoon, I went shopping with my boyfriend. We got out of H&M shopping mall. Then we were walking down the crowded Swanston street. I was attracted by a beautiful song. I wondered and went in search of it’s origin. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, and opened it in camera model as soon as possible so as to capture the whole process that I didn’t want to miss out. However, there were too many people on the street and blocked my line of sight. I gave up recording journey simply because I was afraid that I would knock down passengers. Therefore, I just shut down my phone and then put it back to my pocket thinking that I could just pull it out as soon as I found out the origin. The whole process was just finished in 5 seconds showing how handy to operate shooting via a mobile phone even if I was standing on a busy street. I have to say the handheld mobile phone is much more portable than an expensive camera device in that case. Using a handheld mobile phone, I can just normally walk through the people, and capture whatever I want in any angles.  It really doesn’t matter how busy the street is or how many people around me, I just pull my phone out of my pocket and record. It won’t consume a lot of space on a busy street. It is just stick on me.