Bridge – less river 2: website data

When I open my  Word Press blog, the recent statistics has been shown directly. Knowing what exactly happened this day and how many people visit my blog.  Obviously, WordPress is a good way to get some information from your peer. I really like to read my classmates articles that I followed because we are doing the same tasks. For example, for the Bridge – less river 2: website data, I can get some view points from Ailee’s blog and Stacey’s blog. I can leave comments if I want. What I found from the statistic is that views always more than visitors which means I have no traffic. In the last couple of weeks, there has been 2 visitors to my blog. The visitors who visit my blog surely are my tutor who marks our assignments. SO, how can I be ‘famous’?22

I think it is would be the same to the media strategy for our digital story. I followed some blogs which are recommended by  the site. Why they are famous? Their feedbacks are over hundred. Their websites are very specific. By which I mean, they are focusing on one thing they interested in. Such as health, photography, travel, etc. They had already know who is their audience.


A domain name and visual design are the tricky way to get more hits.  I had created a logo to improve my personal brand. D the initial letter of my website name Derawings. Getting a connection between other platforms is important. So the widgets seem useful to help users search my blogs and to connect to other forms of social media, such as Linkedin and Facebook.



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