Prompt #2 – The initiative post

I would like to talk about the recent film I watched. About Time 2013 is a romatic comedy ‘About Time’ directed by Richard Curtis who is a successful comedy screenwriter, he is known primarily for romantic comedy films such as Blackadder, Mr. Bean and The Vicar of Dibley.


The story describe the 21 years old Tim Lake was told a secret about the ability of time travel. He gonna to use the skill to find true love and make a better life. However, as his special life progresses, Tim notices that the problems of ordinary life can not be avoided by using his special ability. The real happiness comes from normal day. Curtis admits his intention was to make a film about exactly that – finding happiness.

Richard Curtis: The movie is a movie saying that we should relish every normal day and live it just for the day itself, not for what the day might achieve. What would constitute a perfect day? The day we were having was the perfect day. I was just having lunch with my best friend. I had taken my kids to school. I was going to have dinner with the family. I thought then for the next week that would be a subject I should really write about—how to be happy; how you achieve happiness in ordinary life rather than always looking for extra, big things and achievements to make you happy. (Billington, 2013)

It is relevant to the story line he showed us. The creation is coming from simple life but how to make that point in a different way to produce a film to entertain audience? Curtis added a nonexistent symbol (time travel) to make the story more dramatic that Tim can pick any day and change future. He added a lot of normal but interesting events into the story. It is not too exaggerate just the sad things and happy things around us. We don’t have the ability of time traveling as the end of the film that Tim faced to make a choice, his father or children. It is about time you grow up, to learn how to love and be loved. The theme of the film educated people to cherish everyday you spend with your family. Things would be even worse when you try to change them. As Curtis states, ‘It’s such a weird thing. It’s like a time travel issue, isn’t it? Because everything falls in such different ways. And then he wasn’t available when we came back. Just every single stage of the process would be different if you made a different decision at a different point.'(Billington, 2013)  It sounds reasonable and logical, and it’s like if my mother never met my father, I would not exist in the world.

I really like this film. The perfect balance of story, a sense of humor along with the actor excellent acting. Even the soundtrack was superb. Especially the scene that Tim ask Mary to marry him. I thought the music is coming from a CD or something like that, but it is coming from a band he invited. Thoroughly enjoyable and I’m already looking forward to going to watch it again and find more things that is worth learning.


Alex Billington, 2013, “Interview: ‘About Time’ Writer & Director Richard Curtis on Happiness”, viewed at 8 June 2015,<>.


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