Prompt – A scene: Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver

I played the short video over and over and found different aspects of of this video. Everything we saw in this video has its meaning and purpose that director want to present it to the audience. I would like to talk about the three characters in this video first. Two men and a woman. It is obviously that the taxi driver is the main role of this film, simply because the supporting actor not only just has a few words but also he is in the unclear background. By contrast, the main actor (taxi driver) who has a lot of dialogue appears in the scene of the beginning and leaves in the ending.


I would like to deconstruct some shots that impressed me. The extreme long- shot in the beginning of the video shows the entire scene of the location. The director may want to show us the location where the actor decide to go and what will happen in the next scene.


When the main actor comes into the place, the director uses POV shot that camera is acting the main actor’s eyes. It is very clear that he is looking at the actress and the destination where he goes to.



In this scene, the director use the OTS shot to imply the relationship between this three people. In the first picture, the supporting character who is in the periphery is an outsider in the conversation. In the second picture, why director does not just use the general OTS shot? Because the director want to highlight the supporting character, therefore the supporting character appears in the centre of the scene even though he is in the background. We can not observer the facial expression of the supporting character but we can see that he is looking at them clearly. Maybe, the supporting character likes the actress. The most interesting part in film is that some details will give audience another feeling about the film simply because every scene we see in the film is the conscious choice by directors. Anyhow, there are must be some reasons why director choose this shot.

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