Semester break

This week is our main focus, we had 3 days shooting. Before this week, I, Helena and Kelvin have scouted the locations at the city. In the feature story part, the bridge in her dream is running from suburb to the city. We all know wedding photography is all about beautiful locations, pros and photoshop. This part will be a selling point to our audience. I was a stand-in of our actress to test the angles and movements,  where to start running in the frame and when to stop which will decide shots, a full shot or a mid shot. Many shots were added or replaced previous shots after scouting for perfecting the story.

We started shooting at 6 a.m. at the church opposite to Flinders station on last Sunday. We wasted a little time to wait for the sky turning to light and test the camera movement. From a low angle and a circle movement to shoot the bridge. The following shooting went very well and quick thanks to the scouting last week. We took half a day finished all city shots.

In the afternoon we went to the rented house and started shooting directly after having food. We took 2 days finished 3 days work. Only one thing we need to pay attention to next time is that we need to design lighting plot for interview as well. Maybe it is not useful but I will try next time. The background behind the interviewee was too dark and we spent nearly 1 hour to set up lights. The result was really good.

The traffic sound interrupted the interview when I recording because that was the time people after work and go back home. However, the sound is pretty good at the end after we record again and again.

I really learned a lot of things from two Dops, I played around cameras and lens and took the chance to take pictures as a practice and they were happy to teach me things. I also learned technical stuff about camera online.





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