Week 6

This week, I learned how to design a lighting plot. Take the chance of having cinematography workshop, I asked many questions about lighting and insufficiency of the work I have done, such as why there is too much noise when I shoot on Canon 80D, what kinds of light do we need in a rented house for a feature story and interview, why do we need to design lighting plot and so on. The lecturer suggested us to design the lighting plot at the pre-production stage. I followed the suggestion designed the lighting plot for the location where we are going to shoot (I just saw the image of the rented house on our group chat) and booked the lighting equipment (3 Dedos, 1 Keno, 2 LED lights and batteries). All the things I asked is all for next coming shooting on Sunday. The Link below is what we did for thanks to the couple in week 3. The video was shot on different camera, Sony a7s ii and Canon 80D). The clips shot by different cameras are too different, different colors and different styles. Sony a7s ii is more like a romantic shot film style; however, Canon is more flexible and suitable for different filming. My camera is not good for filming. Lights need to be added in dark place, otherwise, it will be like the clip when I shoot the bridge was doing make-up.


(This video is private, so I didn’t upload on Youtube or Vimeo, only for Ardure, our production team and our lecturers)

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.12.59 am.png

(The study of designing a lighting plot and a floorplan)




(The studying of cinematography)


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